NEW VIDEO: LUMIX GH5 Extended Interview with Panasonic's Sean Robinson, Part 2 A
5:35 Did the in camera audio preamp improve? Because the one of the GH4 wasn't the best.
7:37 Can you record audio when you use FHD and VFR on GH5?
9:54 Does it record audio at 48p in UHD or HD?
11:48 Can the audio meters get bigger on the screen?
13:06 Is the mic input of the GH5 24 bits?
14:09 Can the DMW-XLR1 audio interface be extended with a hot shoe extension cable? (For weight distribution, i.e. gimbal)
17:49 It would be nice to have more implementation of the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Code aka H.265) codec, including 4K modes. DJI is already doing it - offering both H.264 and H.265 -, having a camera that should sell well like the GH5 sing HEVC would be big. That will have push tech forward, speed up HEVC support, etc. Since Photo 6K is already using HEVC, I don't understand why not.
22:50 Why doesn’t the GH5 record 10-bit 422 in 4K60p? Since Panasonic will already adopt a higher bitrate 400Mbps codec, why not a 200-240Mbps H.264 IPB 4K60p codec? If 150Mbps is enough for 4k30p, I think 240Mbps would be more than enough for 4K60p 10-bit 422.
31:43 Will the Open Gate/Hi-Res Anamorphic be 10-bit 422?
32:45 The Open Gate/Hi-Res Anamorphic mode will record basically the whole sensor. 5K in 16:9 is 4800px wide and 5K DCI is 5120px, why not offer then 5K video as well? The GH5 will already record more than that pixel count offering 5K would be truly interesting for some people and it would turn the GH5 in the first of its kind, the first hybrid 5K camera in the market.
35:50 What is the bitrate of 180fps slo-mo
37:24 Will the High Resolution Anamorphic Mode have 4.2.2. 10-bit support? Or will it just be 4.2.0 8-bit?
38:33 What are the bitrates when it comes to high frame-rates. A comparison between 120,150 and 180 fps and future bitrates after the summer update?
=== PART B ===
This section includes questions on…
• COLOR (dealing with color cast)
• FOCUS (punch/zoom, customization, continuous focus, zoom in playback mode, focus speed, rack focus with time lapse, and switchable setting for ""Linear/Non-linear"" focusing speed with fly-by-wire lenses)
• FEEDBACK (about the grip)
=== PART C ===
This section is a collection of questions that didn't fit into any particular category. Questions include (in order):
• bundle info
• control through LANC controller
• astro-photography
• control with the joystick
• video file size limits
• low pass filter affect on moire
• USB charging
• display exposure values while changing ISO
• recommended SD cards
• Leica 8-18/2.8-4 release date
• using the dual card feature
• global shutter
• camera balancing
• built-in ND filters
• diopter and eyecup changes
• firmware update release date
• copying images on fastest reader vs USB 3
• assigning ISO to the dial
• creative movie mode minimum shutter speed
• assign a Fn button to turn on/off the HDMI Output
• temporal noise reduction
=== PART D ===
This section includes questions on…
• GRIP (tripod mount location)
• MOBILE APP (fullscreen image app)
• PHOTOGRAPHY (6K mode time limit, hi-res mode aka Olympus, HDR save RAW, post focus in 6K & 4K)
• SLOW MOTION (higher frame-rate through firmware update, autofocus in slow-mo), USB (use as webcam, opening API to developers, usb charging), V-LOG (difference between Hybrid log gamma and v-log, v-log in 6k photo mode)
• VIDEO (crop guides, crop into sensor for 4K, VFR in Extended Tele, turning off sharpen/noise reduction, HDR workflow, jam sync, 1:1 aspect ratio, false color, in-camera desqueeze, LUT on card)
• WIRELESS (Miracast support, live streaming to YouTube/Facebook, bluetooth wireless headphones or mic, remote)
DISCLAIMER: I am a professional "photographic storyteller"; a photographer and filmmaker, and also a Panasonic LUMIX Luminary. This means I am sponsored by Panasonic and therefore naturally biased towards their gear. I regularly state this in my videos, but in case I don't say it, it's still true. You can learn more about the Luminary team at

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Panasonic Lumix GH5 - TEST 3 - Seaford Head Grim dark, stormy day. Shot for a bit but there was too much wind and lots of sea mist covering the...

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NEW VIDEO: GH5/GH4 low light 800 12800 ISO 8bit 10bit halfass comparison Rig Job
I spent a day lighting a gh5 shoot and afterwards had a little bit of time to muck around with the camera. I didn't have a script and was making it up as we went (no! really?) so feel free to mute the audio. Mostly this was for my own curiosity, but you might find it useful. Or it may make you angry and eager to leave angry comments.
Both cameras are using the same 12-35 2.8 panny lens. Like, literally the same one so there wouldn't be any glass differences and because we only had one with us. We had a bunch of canon lenses and a .71 and .64 speed booster, but the gh5 would freak out with either booster so, i'll be curious how well it works with the production model. WB on both cams set to daylight.
My 2c: To MY eye, the 10 bit footage looks noisier than 8 bit from the gh5 and i couldn't get any additional latitude in post to make the hassle worthwhile. In the youtube codec, instead of "dandruff" the gh4 footage just looks mushier as you go up. Youtube codecs are pretty brutal so if you want to pixel peep my beard, you can download the master file here: (Unfortunately we have had to remove the dropbox file, read more in the comments below)
The focus tracking works quite well. The exposure compensation test at the end didn't do just a whole lot of compensating. (We could be using it wrong.). There are three words that make me want one... "FULL SIZE HDMI!" And here are 3 words to not: "What, the xlr breakout goes on TOP of the camera?" ... that mighta been more than 3.

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Actress : Constance Pizon Shot with Pre Production Sample with Beta Firmware (0.58) 400 & 800 ISO Veydra Mini Prime...