CAME-Single-HandleCAME-TV just announced today a new player in that fledgling ultra-portable 3-axis brushless motorized gimbal stabilizer market (what a mouthful!). The Filmpower Nebula 4000 Lite is our current champion (as I’ve argued here, and I keep using it on projects world-wide), being the first to add that critical third axis which proved so necessary after my prior test run with only two. But, what does the new CAME-Single offer in comparison? Here’s a list:

  • 32-bit brains (compared to 8-bit on comparable gimbals)
  • Tool-less adjustments on all three axes
  • Joystick control
  • Removable and easily replaceable batteries claiming over 10 hours of usage time per charge
  • Ability to hold position off-horizon, after a 1-second nudge
  • Evidently stronger motors
  • CAME-SingleStruggling with a language barrier, the video embedded here begins to explain all of this. I’ll try to get my hands onto one soon, and will go into more detail. You can already pre-order it at the CAME-TV site with a $100 discount, though, anticipating June delivery. I think you’ll find the product gets anodized with a black finish, instead of Flash Gordon silver. It remains to be seen whether it will incorporate the usual choices of follow modes, or the extent to which it can be programmed using open source software SimpleBGC (probably, seeing the micro-USB port, though no mention of Bluetooth). I don’t see any mounting holes (other than a tripod socket at the very bottom) for tools like lightweight microphones and monitors, so that might be a frustration. (I’d like to use my new Blackmagic Video Assist with this, whenever it arrives!) In terms of style, for customers older than boys, hopefully there won’t be bright colors/spongy yellow grips/toy trimmings and so on. It’s clever for them to suggest mounting it on jibs and sliders, though that appeal is on the margins, since jibs and sliders are stabilizers already: this is going to find its wings in hand-held use. Seems promising!