This video presents some sound tests and a running commentary about the RØDE Stereo VideoMic X (SVMX). Not quite an opinion review, and not quite a lab test, this is designed to acquaint you with what the microphone can do, at situations where you aren’t honing in on a specific sound, but instead capturing the whole stereo environment around your camera.

Considering its hefty $800 price tag, the usual advice applies: Don’t get want you want, just get what you need! If you need top-quality stereo capture, with excellent wind reduction and isolation from vibrations, using high-fidelity condenser microphone elements in a stereo X-Y pattern, this is the best on-camera stereo capsule on the market. It’s also future-proof if your rig grows, with mini XLR balanced ports that take 48V phantom power. Yet, if you do light documentary work, this video also suggests that in-camera stereo microphones often perform really well, and might be enough for your needs to begin with. Here’s the sample I refer to from the main video:

Looking forward to your comments, and further samples of field use. You can buy the RØDE Stereo VideoMic X at B&H Photo and Video.